Non Profit Foundation:

La Familia Movements

MISSION STATEMENT: : Our mission is to set free disadvantaged communities from indifference, lack of knowledge and opportunities.

Our Plan:  The Foundation strives to provide an environment conducive to the educational needs of children in collaboration with other community resources. Together, through educational and professional programs, we will work with, and advocate for families to provide a safe, nurturing and permanent home for children.




Making positive the negative that are inflicted on young children is quite possibly the only solution to change our world and to create a bright future. La Familia Movements was founded on the premise that the lives of all children have equal value. An impoverished child in Kingston or a homeless child in the parish of St. James, Jamaica is just as precious as the lives of children in other parts of the world. The Foundation will ensure that all children have the opportunity to lead a healthy, positive and productive life.


The projects that La Familia Movements Foundation have created are developed so that each citizen is able to reach their fullest potential for personal growth, and to realize their dreams in a healthy environment. To the extent that a child’s social needs are met, that child is likely to develop into a healthy, confident, responsible, productive, competent and independent adult. We are committed to ensure that the children who participate in our programs are provided with the tools to excel.

We provide programs to underprivileged communities in ways that avoid stigmatizing those who benefit from them. The problems we try to solve are vast and complex and requires the coordination and focus of many parish members and individuals around the world, united we stand. La Familia Movements has identified worthy programs that support our mission.

Programs in three core categories are funded:


-Social Development

-Job Coaching

Funding needs are identified by in-depth consultation and by agreement with the agencies, institutions or organizations, and/or families directly involved with the communities who are being benefited.


We believe that the cycle of inequity can be broken through entities making substantial investments in children and adolescents. Our Education program focuses on ensuring that all children have access to the basic tools needed to succeed in the education process from pre-school through college.



1) Education

Our Goal: to ensure that every child is equipped with the knowledge that he/she needs to succeed in school.

Our Strategy: We are building a facility in which every child may access the tools, technology and guidance that he/she needs to thrive.


Our Stepping Stones Pre-School Program aims to increase the number of children who have access to early childhood education (ages 2.5 – 6 years) through the construction of pre-schools in impoverished communities across the Caribbean.

Our College-Ready Education Program aims to ensure that all Caribbean students are informed and prepared to take the college qualifying examinations – CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council). We also work closely with alumni from the University of Connecticut and the University of the West Indies.

Our Post Secondary Programs provide financial text book assistance to selected children.


2) Social Development

Our Goal: to evoke a functional reaction that has the greatest positive impact on the development, personality and intellectual capacity of children within the parish of St James.

Our Strategy: we start off by defining social development in children as the process by which a child learns to interact with his/her peers in ways that are accepted by society. We aim at addressing those components of the micro and macro environments that inevitably lead to social abnormalities in children and adolescents. Our solutions may be as simple as building a playground in an under-served community or running a one-week sports camp in a community where children are severely financially stricken. We are committed to strengthening community and neighborhood supports to children and their families

Our Model for Implementing our Programs:

Our approach is based on our practical experience, and the good practices and learning from many other organizations. Monitoring takes place every six months to share about the program’s progress and any changes made. Transition is the last phase of the project where the Foundation takes ends its involvement in a manner that allows the communities to sustain the benefits of the program in the lives of children and their families.

La Familia Movemenents Foundation does not consider unsolicited project or grant proposals. All projects must be managed on the ground, by organizations that demonstrate:

-High quality management

-Sound progress and effectiveness monitoring

-Accountability and the ability to provide comprehensive feedback

-A track record of high quality donor relationship management

In every case, there must be an agree ratio for the application of our funds in terms of M&OS and project costs, tailored to the nature of the project a measurable, favorable impact in the community.