Xxenos won Best TV Pilot Drama at the OMNI Cultural TV Fest Award. The award show was held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California. It was a well-organized and visually magnificent. The festival was lead by the hard-working and multi-talented Kiki Melendez, her co-founder Cindy Cowan and their amazing team. Unlike your normal film festivals, this event focused on projects created by filmmakers, and the opportunity for all the selected content to be screened by the TV industry. Xxenos was one of many sensational pilots shown throughout the event.

Xxenos takes place contemporary time in Coastal West, New Land a fictional American angel city. Paul Sinclair, an escapee from the most feared warlord of the city of Yabogetnom, Indies of the West, finds asylum in his new homeland. Heir to an old tribal bloodline which contains unimaginable powers, he struggles to accept the unknown. Unfortunately, his past remains his present.

This is the third pilot I have been apart of in my career and I feel honored we won this award. The Omni Cultural TV Fest is a one of a kind opportunity for independent content creators and producers to showcase their ideas for television and Over-The-Top (OTT) distribution. 


Published by Nollis Dewar


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