Dreams of The Silver Screen



LOS ANGELES-BASED, model-cum-actor Nollis Dewar is awaiting his big Hollywood break.

The 29-year-old — who is from Montego Bay — is currently a host on his own show Caribbean Kaleidoscope which airs on KEE TV in LA. The programme looks at Caribbean personalities and related issues.

He, however, has his sights set on a bigger screen.

“I consider myself a principal actor, but each week, I do accept background roles so that I may obtain the experience of being on a major set and learning more about the environment. I strongly believe it is a matter of patience, building your résumé and truly learning the craft,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Dewar has enjoyed roles in many short independent films such as Rebellious, which tackles the issue of date rape.

As a model, Dewar has strut his stuff on Los Angeles Fashion Week, appeared in Mary J Blige’s video A Night To Remember, and featured in commercial for Tom Bradley Terminal (International Shopping Wing).

Migrating to ‘The City of Angels’ in 2002, Dewar said he keeps close ties with the country of his birth. He said he hopes to, one day, give back to the Jamaican film industry.

“The more I continue to grow here in Hollywood, my network increases along with my knowledge of the film industry in general. The teachers whom I am studying with are teaching me valuable lessons that I can bring to the Jamaican film community and have a very positive impact,” he said.

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